I should be sitting at a desk. „ 

— Nieves

Victor Nieves was a scientist who first appeared in the 2017 MonsterVerse film, Kong: Skull Island.


Kong: Skull Island

Nieves was a senior Landsat official who joins Monarch's expedition to the mysterious Skull Island with a military escort provided by Lt. Colonel Preston Packard. He's initially hesitant of flying through the dark and cumulous clouds ahead, afraid they would meet a certain demise. To his luck, they survive nature's peril only to face an attack from the island's guardian, Kong. After surviving, he was then left with James Conrad's team and ventures into the depths of the island. After encountering the native Iwi tribe, he and the others learn about the ancient history of Kong from Hank Marlow, a World War II pilot who got stranded on Skull Island for almost 29 years.

After a good night's rest, he, along with Marlow, Conrad, and Slivko, begin fixing Marlow’s makeshift boat, The Grey Fox. With the help of Slivko and Conrad, they fine-tune the boat and prepare for their long trip away from the island of doom. The group along with Nieves, cheer in celebration after hearing from Colonel Packard, but a flock of Leafwings swoop in and choose Nieves as their prey, lifting him into the air in a sudden motion and tearing him apart as his team tries to shoot down the Leafwings and free Nieves. Unfortunately, they are unable to kill the creatures, who successfully tear Nieves apart.

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Kong: Skull Island
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