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Vinestranglers, also known as Vitis Strangulari, are giant insect kaiju that live on Skull Island.


Vinestranglers are named for their vine-like appearances and their behavior of strangling their victims to death.


Vinestranglers are large katydid/stick insect-like creatures whose bodies have evolved to closely resemble tree branches and vines. They appear to have abdomen tentacles like those of the Mother Longlegs that they use to lift prey into the air.


Its roar can be heard on the Monarch Files featurette of Kong: Skull Island.


Vinestranglers are crepuscular, active during both dawn and dusk. They are arboreal insects that live and hunt on trees.


A crepuscular tree dweller, this giant insect is a primordial chapter of the katydid family. Leafy structures encase the creature within the branches of its tree habitat, although initial findings have proven inconclusive as to where the Vinestrangler ends and the tree begins.Monarch Creature Profile



The Vinestranglers' plant-like biology allows them to blend in with the surrounding forests, hiding in plain sight from both prey and predators.


Similarly to the Mother Longlegs, the Vinestrangler as the name suggests uses its tendrils to ensnare unsuspecting prey dragging them into the tree lines to be eaten.

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