Wagilar (ワルギルガー,   Warugirugā?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 episode of Zone Fighter, Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears.


Wagilar is a long-necked, spiny creature which vaguely resembles crustaceans and insects. He has a grey-brown body with flaps of skin above his legs, and fronds above his arms which look somewhat like seaweed. Like Spylar, he has two-toed feet and claws for hands. His belly and neck are dark orange, and he has an orange, crescent-shaped head. Wagilar's neck is covered in spines, and he has two orange antennae at the back of his head. His eyes are bright green and supported on stalks.


Zone Fighter

One day, a strange object fell from the sky during a meteor shower. The Zone Family came to investigate, and encounter a ghost from their past. Sachio, a childhood friend of Hotaru, appears to have survived the destruction of Planet Peaceland. While returning home that night, Wagilar first appears, and Hikaru transforms into Zone Fighter to fight Wagilar. Wagilar at first keeps Zone at bay by firing his double barrel chest cannon, but Zone gets the upper hand and starts throwing Wagilar around. At the last second, before Wagilar is destroyed by Zone's Meteor Missile Might, Sachio captures the kaiju in a strange device. Eventually, Sachio is revealed as a Garoga assassin, and releases Wagilar once more. Zone launches himself into a TV and arrives in the danger zone. Zone is badly injured from a failed trap perpetuated by the Garogas. Wagilar at first fought Zone on his own, until another Garoga transformed into his ally, Spylar. The two dastardly monsters fought relentlessly against Zone, with Wagilar almost killing him, until Godzilla arrived. The timely intervention of Godzilla's heat ray quickly burnt Wagilar to a crisp.


Wagilar has an unusual ability in that he can fire both conventional flames and a concentrated beam of Magma from his mouth. His signature move is the Double Barrel Chest Cannon, in which he fires two powerful beams of energy from his chest.


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