Wakato Bridge
Wakato Bridge (若戸大橋,   Wakato Ōhashi?) is a suspension bridge in FukuokaJapan. It appears in the 1964 Toho film, Dogora.


Showa Series


Dogora lifting the Wakato Bridge

Dogora lifting the Wakato Bridge with it's tentacles in Dogora.

Shortly after being discovered, Dogora descended from the sky above Fukuoka and began to feed on carbon-rich objects and substances, primarily searching for coal and diamonds. The army began to attack the massive alien, but to no avail, as it simply ignored or shrugged off any artillery blasts they fired at it.

Eventually, the alien became aggravated by the level of fire being administered to it, and as it left the city, it grabbed hold of the Wakato Bridge with two of its tendrils, and lifted it into the air, before hurling it at the city below, creating a large wave.

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