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You see 10 years ago, when Gojira was first revealed to the world, I had a dream. And in that dream, I saw one thing. And that beautiful amazing thing was-. Oh shit. NO! „ 

— Walter Simmons’s monologue before he is killed by MechaGodzilla; his last words.


Walter Simmons is a character who first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong, as the main human antagonist.


On the surface, Walter is shown to be an affable, well spoken and calm man who seeks to better mankind and help the world became a safer place. He also seems to view the Titans as a threat, which puts him somewhat in odds with Monarch. Ultimately, however, Walter shows his true colors as a reckless, overconfident and egotistical man willing to do whatever it takes to exterminate the Titans, regardless of the damages. He believes that there can only be one apex predator: humanity, and for this reason, calls his company Apex Cybernetics.


Maia Simmons

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Ren Serizawa

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Godzilla vs. Kong

Since Godzilla revealed himself to the world in 2014, Walter Simmons has been formulating a plan to eliminate the Titan.

Following Godzilla's attack on the Apex Cybernetics facility in Pensacola, Florida, Walter Simmons and Ren Serizawa seek out the help of geologist Nathan Lind in obtaining an energy source in the Hollow Earth to fuel a weapon that can stop Godzilla and motivated him with the creation of the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle. Walter also sends his daughter Maia Simmons to represent Apex for the expedition.

Later, Walter arrives in Apex headquarters in Hong Kong to oversee Mechagodzilla's test run against an adult Skullcrawler. The test was a success, but it is revealed that the mecha requires the energy from the Hollow Earth as an infinite power supply. When Godzilla fires his atomic breath in Hong Kong, Walter is ecstatic since Maia has discovered the energy and intends to use it on Mechagodzilla immediately, despite Ren's hesitance.

Walter eventually meets Madison Russell, Josh Valentine, and Bernie Hayes when security guards caught them sneaking into the facility. Walter explains to them about the purpose of Mechagodzilla and how he intends to exterminate all Titans so that humans can remain the dominant species. As Mechagodzilla is fueled with the Hollow Earth energy, Walter continues to gloat about his success and fails to notice the side effects it displays before he is killed by his creation.

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