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Warbats (ワーバット,   Wābatto?)[2] are giant flying serpent-like daikaiju created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


Warbats get their name from their aggressive nature and their bat-like appearance when they fly.

Warbats were originally referred to as Nozuki from a leaked image of a Playmate's figure. Their scientific name, Vellum Vespertilio, is Latin for "paper bat".



Warbats are large reptilian serpentine creatures, being grayish in coloration and equipped with two red membranous wings running down the top half of its body, supported by long spines which are extensions of the rib cage. Their torso is similar to that of a snake, being long and slender, presumably evolved to navigate the treacherous terrain of the Hollow Earth when their wings are not in use. Coupled with the membranous wings, the Warbats resemble a cobra. The bottom half of their torso also has ventral scales, further adding to the resemblance of a snake.

The head is also snake-like with two enormous fangs protruding from their bottom jaw as well as rows of needle-like teeth jutting out from their mouths. The eyes are green, with the pupils being horizontal and almost cat-like, as well as possessing a bony ridge above their eye, resembling that of a crocodile. Warbat blood is light green in coloration.


All Warbats are portrayed by CGI.


The Warbats have a deep, raspy roar. One of the roars made by the Warbat that struck Kong is recycled from Insectosaurus from Monsters vs. Aliens. When agitated or in pain, the Warbats can be heard making high-pitched screeches that sound similar to the screams of the Nazgul, or Ring-Wraiths, in The Lord of the Rings. In the trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong, the Warbats briefly made a sound identical to the Xenomorphs in the Alien franchise.


Warbats are subterranean apex-predators that roam the rainforests of the Hollow Earth. They are highly aggressive and can utilize their serpentine body to wrap around their prey and constrict them to death, similar to modern constrictor snakes. Their wings can also be used to smother their prey's face, suffocating them.

They display the ability to hunt in a pack or at least in pairs. The two Warbats seen attacking Kong appeared to be hunting in cooperation with each other.


Like all Titans, the origins and background of the Warbats is mysterious and vague. However, they seemingly evolved within the Hollow Earth, growing to their massive proportions due to the energy sustaining the creatures inside the subterranean ecosystem.


Godzilla vs. Kong

A Warbat corpse is thrown into another Warbat by Kong.

The Apex team encountered a pair of Warbats while on an expedition following Kong inside the Hollow Earth. One of the Warbats destroyed one of the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles and then the other attempted to devour Jia, Ilene Andrews and Nathan Lind before being killed by Kong. The ape then swings the lifeless corpse into the first attacking Warbat, temporarily staggering the creature.

Kong is incapacitated by Warbat.

The Warbat quickly recovers and lunges after Kong, coiling its body around him before attempting to constrict him. The Apex expedition crew inside the HEAV fires a barrage of missiles along the Warbat's back, causing it to loosen its grip around Kong. In a quick battle, Kong subdues the creature before breaking its wings and brutally pummeling it to death. Kong then tears the creature's head off and drinks the green blood leaking out, before tossing it aside and continuing his journey through the Hollow Earth.



Warbats are durable enough to withstand several hits from Kong as well as explosive devices such as missiles.


Warbats can use their membranous wing-like hoods to fly/glide through the air. They also use their wings to smother their prey.

Speed and agility

Warbats are agile fliers and display excellent maneuverability. They are quick in combat, able to coil the entire length of their bodies around prey in seconds. Using their wings, they can utilize the fingers as limbs in order to quickly crawl about, as seen when one swiftly repositioned itself using its fingers to face Kong after the latter knocked it to the ground.

Strength and combat

The jaws of the Warbats are strong enough to crush vehicles, and their long serpentine bodies are powerful enough to grapple with and subdue creatures like Kong, constricting him.


Warbats eject 9,800 gallons of venom from their 14-feet-long fangs when they bite[2] and can also spray venom from glands inside their wings, though they were not seen using this ability in their battle with Kong.[citation needed]

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