Where Is Thy Sting? is the thirty-fourth episode of Godzilla: The Series, and is the thirteenth episode of season 2.


The episode opens with two smugglers escaping a downed plane in the desert, but they are shot down by a A Mutant Scorpion and the Military. at H.E.A.T. headquarters, Mendel Craven has taken Elsie Chapman and N.I.G.E.L. on vacation with him to New Mexico, leaving Niko Tatopoulos, Randy Hernandez, and Monique Dupre in New York. Godzilla then begins to run for New Mexico and their vacation is cut short. Randy receives a cryptic warning to be wary of a scorpion, and the team discovers that Godzilla is heading toward Fort Armstrong for no apparent reason. They discover the plane crash site, and Monique is able to tell that someone has gone to great lengths to remove the evidence. Randy is then stung by a scorpion and hallucinates that a giant scorpion attacked the smugglers. Anthony Hicks then arrives to escort them into the base, where Randy notices a symbol from his fever dream, which serves as a clue, as the resident colonel recognizes Randy's claim about there being smugglers at the base. They head out into the desert, where they find tracks and highly volatile liquid, which they follow to a metal wall with a hole burned through it, and the Mutant Scorpion. Godzilla arrives to save them, but the military arrives to stop the fight. H.E.A.T. is arrested, and Hicks tries to talk his friend into freeing them, and the colonel reveals that they created Ts-eh-Go as a weapon, but it is too hard to control. He then shows Hicks a room full of smaller Mutant Scorpions, known as the "Second Wave". While protecting Major Hicks, Godzilla is sprayed with the scorpion's acid, deteriorating his thick hide, and stung. He still tries to fight, though he is greatly weakened, and a helicopter crashes into the base, freeing the Second Wave scorpions. H.E.A.T. escapes their cell, and Nick is able to lure the Second Wave scorpions to Ts-eh-Go, and they try to eat the larger scorpion. in a frantic attempt to get them off, Ts-eh-Go releases more scorpions, and Godzilla destroys all of the scorpions at once.


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