Who's Afraid of Godzilla is a picture book by Di Kaiju and illustrated by Bob Eggleton.


One sunny day the monsters were playing with each other on the beach of Monster Island. Gigan and Megalon were wrestling, Anguirus was chasing Varan's tail, Manda swam in the ocean, and Rodan flew in circles above all of them. However, one monster was sitting all by himself on top of the island's tallest volcano, Godzilla. Godzilla would sit and watch the others play, he wanted to join them but he knew they didn't want to play with him because Godzilla was the biggest, strongest and toughest of all the monsters, and for that the other monsters were scared of him.

Finally Godzilla tries to join them on that day, but the other monsters hear him coming and thus run to hide. Once Godzilla arrives, he notices that all of the other monsters were gone. Godzilla becomes angry that the monsters won't play with him, and so he swims away to find some different friends. Sadly, Godzilla is left with no success on his search for a friend. He first encounters a group of humans on a cruise ship, but they are all terrified of his appearance. He then arrives in a city, but is driven away by the army who, believing Godzilla intends to destroy the city, attack him with Tanks and Missiles. He searches underwater only to scare away the aquatic mammals by his giant size. Finally he arrives in a Desert with Elephants and other land mammals only to drive them away with his massive appearance. Defeated and lonely, Godzilla heads back to Monster Island feeling miserable.

During Godzilla's absence, Gigan and Megalon take over Monster Island and proceed to bullying the other monsters. Gigan frightened Varan into the sky, Megalon chased Manda to the far side of the island, Rodan flew away, and Baragon burrows underground. Eventually Anguirus tries to stand up to the two bullies, but Gigan and Megalon push him into the steep crater of the Volcano, trapping him. Shortly afterwards, Godzilla returns home to see the commotion, scaring off Gigan and Megalon in the process. Hearing Anguirus' cries for help, Godzilla pulls him up and out of the crater with his tail. Touched by his heroic acts, Anguirus and all the monsters play with Godzilla for the rest of the day, leaving Gigan and Megalon in disbelief.




  • Gigan & Megalon are depicted as residents of Monster Island, however Gigan is extraterrestrial, while Megalon is native to Seatopia.
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