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Admiral Wilcox is a character who first appeared in the 2021 film, Godzilla vs. Kong.


The commander of the fleet to bring King Kong to Antarctica, Admiral Wilcox is stoic and severe. Originally a sailor, he is proud of his military background and bears the weight of knowing that everyone underneath him that he serves relies on his judgment.


Ilene Andrews

Wilcox seems to respect Ilene Andrews's judgment when it comes to King Kong and Godzilla. He consults her when making decisions regarding operations involving the two.


Godzilla vs. Kong

Wilcox reports to Dr. Ilene Andrews, telling her that he and his fleet have avoided Godzilla's known territorial waters. He asks if they need to be concerned and he tells her that Godzilla and Kong have an ancient territorial rivalry. He asks if it's a case of "Who bows to who?" but she replies that Kong bows to no one.

Later, when the fleet detects the radiation spike indicating Godzilla, Ilene asks Wilcox if they changed course, but Wilcox replies that they're nowhere near the areas of concern she indicated. During the attack, he consents to her suggestion of using depth charges to try to confuse Godzilla. Later, when Nathan Lind suggests shutting down everything, Wilcox replies that if they do that, they're dead. Nathan retorts that they're only playing dead and Ilene agrees "Make him think he's won." Wilcox agrees to the idea and orders that everything that could make noise be shuts down, but warns the two "This had better work."

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The film's novelization includes some additional background on the character of Wilcox, as well as a couple of additional scenes, such as Wilcox having a conference with his aides before reporting back that the fleet carrying Kong is no longer seaworthy.


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