Wolflar (ウルフラー,   Urufurā?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 24 of Go! Godman.


Wolflar has an orange canine-like face with large orange ears and human-like eyes. His chest and stomach are orange. His body is covered in a black and beige fur. His orange hands and feet are barely visible because of the fur.


Go! Godman

Wolflar appeared in a small town and started to wreak havoc. The scared kids yelled, "Godman" and the hero showed up right away. Godman grew to large size and began to fight the large canine. Wolflar proved to be very strong and durable because he was hardly affected by Godman's punches and chops. They fought for quite awhile longer before Godman summoned his Godman Crush. Godman swung and hit the canine several times. Wolflar was hardly affected by this. Their battle led them to the top of a mountain where they ended up rolling down the other side. They crashed into the oni-kaiju Gejiba, who was sleeping. After the oni was awoken, he attacked Wolflar by kicking him. Gejiba then charged for Godman. After the two fought for a short time, Wolflar joined back in. Gejiba attacked Wolflar again and the two began to duke it out. Gejiba managed to get behind Wolflar, and ripped his tail off. Red mist blasted out of Wolflar's wound as he fell over and exploded.  

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