Wolfman vs. Baragon (狼男 対 地底怪獣,   Ōkami Otoko Tai Chitei kaijū ?, lit. Wolfman Against The Underground Monster) is an Unfinished 1972 short tokusatsu kaiju fan film directed by Shizuo Nakajima.


Wolfman Appears out from some trees and attacks, up until he then runs into Baragon who also is in the midst of an attack. The two kaiju fight for a while, until Wolfman seemingly gets the upper hand of the battle.


Long before Wolfman vs. Godzilla, the Wolfman initially was conceived for this short film, in where the Wolfman sports a radically different design from his 1983 counterpart, looking more like a traditional werewolf, with ripped clothing, less fur and lower budget look. Some scenes were shot of Wolfman and Baragon fighting, but in the end, it was scrapped; with a Godzilla suit soon being made, as well as brand new Wolfman suit and Baragon was soon cut out altogether. The short film itself was never completed.

Alternate titles

  • Wolfman Against The Underground Monster (狼男対地底怪獣, Ōkami Otoko Tai Chitei kaijū  Literal Japanese title)
  • Wolfman vs. Baragon (Worldwide English title)


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