Yuu Kujou (九條優,   Kujō Yū?) a child character created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1996 tokusatsu series, Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd titled The Birth of Guyferd.


Heisei Era

Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd

Yuu is a student at a fighting dojo run by a man named An, which may have been established to produce physically disciplined people for the creation of Guyborgs. He is first seen sparring with his sister Rei. Their practice is interrupted when Gou Kazama walks into the dojo, asking about his brother. Gou gets into a fight with Dojo master An. After Gou defeats An, Yuu asks him to replace him as their new master. Yuu has great respect for Gou, but will obey his sister before he obeys him.

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