Zandolla (ザンドラ,   Zandora?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 15 of Zone Fighter, Submersion! Godzilla, Save Tokyo!


Zandolla's skin is a light blue color. His head is a light beige color and is shaped like a drill. He has no eyes, mouth, or any others features of a face. The tip of his drill head is the same color as his claw-like hands which are a dark brown. He has a long tail which is also his skin color. His knee caps and parts of his arms are a darker blue color.


Showa Series

Zone Fighter

Zandolla is being used by the Garogas to dig tunnels, with the intention of creating a huge sinkhole that will cause Tokyo to fall underground. When Zone Fighter finally confronts Zandolla, the monster easily defeats Zone Fighter and buries him underground. It looked like all hope was lost for Zone Fighter until Godzilla comes to help him out. Godzilla and Zone Fighter begin to fight Zandolla together. Zandolla is finished off by Zone Fighter who uses a Meteor Proton Beam.


For melee, Zandolla sticks to basic hard-hitting punches. He can also use his drill head in battle. He can either use it to bury his opponents like he did Zone Fighter, or he can just flat out use it as a weapon. Zandolla is also capable of emitting steam from his hands that is strong enough to ward off opponents.


Zandolla uses broken up Tyrant roars.


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