Zarkorr (Zarukoru) is an extraterrestrial reptilian kaiju and the main antagonist for the 1996 film Zarkorr! The Invader.


Zarkorr is reptilian, with large horns and spines running down it's back. Being bipedal, it stands upright, on two legs. It has white eyes, as well as large teeth and claws.


Aliens who studied Earth sent an 185 foot tall creature to destroy humanity. It devastated city after city, but was eventually destroyed using an alien pod to deflect his eye beams.


Eye Beams

In the film, Zarkorr's main weapon was his laser beams from his eyes.

Physical resilience

In the film, no military weapons had an effect on Zarkorr.


Eye Beams being deflected


  • Zarkorr's roar is the same roar used for the T. rex in Jurassic Park.


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Zarkorr using his laser beams.

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