Zarkorr! The Invader (also known as simply Zarkorr!) is a 1996 film made by Full Moon Productions and Monster Island Productions.


Sentient aliens who studied Earth sent an 185-foot tall monster to challenge humanity. However, a pixie, actually a computer generated person produced by aliens, warns a boy named Tommy Ward that the creature is coming. She tells him that the creature cannot be killed with classic military weapons. Tommy Ward gets the help of Dr Martin to embark on this quest, though everyone thinks he's crazy. They find out that the creature doesn't sleep, or even breathe, using computers. Together, he and the doctor travel to the place Zarkorr originally appeared, and find a strange alien capsule, which seemed unable to open, but finally opened itself only to Tommy Ward when he touched it. He used it to deflect Zarkorr's beams, which killed the monster. When Zarkorr died, another strange capsule flew off. They recover Tommy Ward, and he was taken to the hospital.


  • Rhys Pugh as Tommy Ward
  • De'Prise Grossman as Dr. Stephanie Martin
  • Mark Hamilton as George Ray
  • Charles Schneider as Arthur
  • Torie Lynch as Proctor
  • Ron Barnes as Larry Bates




  • Proctor 


When making the film, they had a guy in a rubber suit, made by Japanese suit-maker Rainbow Zoukei.


Zarkorr! The Invader received fairly negative reviews, with critics praising the monster, but not liking the film.

IMDb has its total review as 3.6/10, and reports from Rotten Tomatoes that 13% of the critics gave it positive reviews, with an overall review of 1.3/5.

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